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Notes about using the client portal:

  • My portal has changed.  The portal is now through a different provider called Encyro. 
  • When I upload your docs,  you will receive an email with a direct link in the email.  This will save you a step in logging on. 
  • The first time you use it, you will need to set a password. The message will give you the option to open without setting a password.  However, your access to the file will expire in a few days.  Therefore I ask each of you to set up a password so that you have continued access to your files.
  • To access your docs, select the form and click download.  You then want to save the file on your computer. 
  • If you want to use a different email address than you have in the past, I can change it for you.
  • The portal is not meant for long-term storage.  The purpose is to send and receive documents.  Download and save the documents on your computer .  Files  will be deleted periodically during the year. 
  •  I will provide a paper and/or digital copy of your return. You want to download and save the pdf file that I uploadto your client folder.   There will be a charge to provide additional copies of the return: $60 for an additional paper copy; $40 for additionalpdf of return.  Any reseach and data analyses will incur additional charges.